mango yellow - like the pulp of a mango. no photo yet. working on a harrington jacket in this color. coming soon...
pale yellow - like a banana
transparent - the way it looks when you apply a few drops of special silicone oil for latex, either on regular or chlorinated latex.
transparent - the way it looks when it's chlorinated or you powder it with talcum powder.
warm white
pale sand - or beige, a bit like a classic burberry.
pale coral - the lower part of the wrap dress.
transparent salmon - the upper part of the dress.
transparent salmon
pumpkin orange - you know pumpkins.
baby pink - photo coming soon. but you know what baby pink looks like, don't you.
blood red - like the color of a german fire extinguisher.
bordeaux red - a dark red.
chocolate brown - a bit like milk chocolate with a tint of caramel.
very dark black - well, black, a blackish black :)
transparent black. quite edgy. it shows a bit.
olive moss green - other people would probably call it olive green.
forrest green - beware: you will be invisible in a forrest.
aubergine - the color of an egg plant or something between violet and navy blue
navy blue - not as dark as the deep sea, and it has a very small tint of violet in it, we love it.
royal blue - a rumor has it that the blood of royals is of this color.
semi transparent blue - a harrington jacket in this phantastic color is still in the making, photo coming soon.
baby blue
grey - it's black on the other side, so for some designs it works out to make it into a reversible piece, just like for this grey beret.

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