Latex and sustainability


OK, if you are really strict the only sustainable piece of clothing you have is that one that's already in your closet. But once in a while it should be allowed that we treat ourselves to a real key-piece so we can pimp up our style and feel chic and fresh again.

How is latex made?

Latex is made from the sap of the caoutchouc or rubber tree. The collecting process on the plantations is almost not mechanizable, so there are real people involved collecting the sap and generating an income for their families, and they grow other crops and animals under the trees since the caoutchouc trees aren't grown in monocultures. But it's hard to keep track of, we must admit.

How does latex get its deep colors?

Making these amazingly intense colored latex sheets doesn't need a chemical and water-intensive dying process. They just stir pigment powder into the latex milk. As far as we know for the black latex it's even finely ground charcoal.

Looks like it's even vegan. Compared to 'vegan leather' or vinyl, latex is definitely less of a chemical product for shure.


And it bio-degrades by itself if you don't watch out. So wash off the skin and make-up greases and store it in a dark place when you're not wearing it. Love your parents. Eat less meat. Floss.

We're avoiding overproduction.

Here at TARZA & JANE your piece is made to order, which means that we manufacture your latex piece when you order it, this way we avoid overproduction. The regular clothing industry shreds about 40% of its production before the pieces have even seen their first store or a shelf or rack.

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