Latex as a Garment

How it feels:

It's amazing and empowering to wear. It gives your body all the right curves. This is what almost all of our friends say who were curious and donned a piece for a shopping spree in paris, a coffee in town, for some clubbing or one of our infamous photoshoots :). Male and female and many variations inbetween say so.

The first second you put it on it's cold but it adapts to you body temperature in a blink. It feels really warm and soft to the touch.

No it's not breathable. But as long as you don't do sports it's surprisingly comfortable to wear. Most of our key pieces have a loose or fitted cut so you can wear them over a cotton tee or a longsleeve or even a dress shirt. And this is a good choice: the loose tops tend to feel a bit cold if you'd wear them without any undergarment. Not so for bottoms: your undies or panties will suffice, our legs are not so sensitive. And even the skintight tops and bodies are completely comfortable to wear even for a long time, you'll be surprised. Even on your bare skin. A nicely contoured bra or a bodystocking are allowed as well of course.

How it looks:

The surface of our Latex Pieces can can basically come in three different styles, some of them are more convenient, some are more on the wicked side, depending on your mood. And latex sheet material has a front side that is very shiny almost like high gloss paint, and a back side that is a bit matte. For most of our garments we use the matte side. This is the most versatile choice since you can have a chic matte latex piece and a fancy shiny piece all in one because you can shine the matte surface up in a blink whenever you like. This works for the untreated as well as the chlorinated versions:

Untreated vs chlorinated latex pieces:

Untreated (regular) latex:

  • It needs dressing aids like talc powder or silicone oil. Regular latex loves to stick to itself and needs talc powder or silicone oil not to do that. Both wear off over the day so you should re-apply either of them once in a while. You just need a few drops of silicone oil, and spreading them over your latex skirt can also feel just great. You'll find out.
  • Lighter latex colors tend to discolor when they get in touch with all kinds of metals, and your skin and some deodorants, perfumes and leather accessories can have a similar effect. Latex is a natural material and not an optimized chemical product like e.g. 'vegan leather'.
  • It has an amazing gloss to it.
  • It's relatively easy to repair.

Chlorinated latex:

This is what we recommend for you, and this is what the major part of our garments comes in. And this has a few reasons:

  • It makes the surfaces of your latex piece silky and gives it a tiny bit of a chic patina.
  • Putting on your latex piece is much easier.
  • Getting out of it is much easier. No talc powder or silicone oil needed for in nor out.
  • You can easily make it glossy with a few drops of silicone oil.
  • The cleaning and grooming process is much easier, please see 'How do I care for my latex pieces?'
  • The chlorinated surface protects the latex to quite an extent from discoloration and the damages that sunlight and skin fats can do to your latex piece.

But: if you tear it, it's a pain to repair.

  • And your new pieces are a tiny bit less stretchy compared to the ones you've worn a few times, and compared to non-chlorinated latex pieces.

Are there health issues when I wear latex clothing?

Latex products contain natural rubber that can cause allergic reactions. Consult a doctor if you are unsure. To avoid the danger of insufficient blood circulation make sure that the garments are not too tight. Keep our products out of reach of children and do not make them available to minors.

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