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Cocoon Trenchcoat - long sleeve

The Cocoon Trenchcoat in the photos is size S/M and made from in 0,4mm latex in the color 'pale sand' which is very close to the color of the classic Burberry trench. It has full length sleeves and comes in two sizes, S/M and L/XL, and both have the same length, but the L/XL coat is about 4cm wider in the shoulders and the torso. 

You can also get the the Cocoon Trenchcoat with 3/4 sleeves. Check it out: it's listed as a product of its own in our shop.

Our model Mona in the photos is 176cm tall and usually wears size XS and S tops and size M and L bottoms. 

The 2-ring-closure belt is not included but you can add it to your order: it's listed under 'Accessories'. We're so smart, and you'll look so smart.

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  • salmon-latex-trench-coat

    Hugs your body

    "It's feels so empowering, and it makes all your curves feel sexy!" Sophy Stönner, CEO of

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  • model-stretching-salmon-latex-trench-coat


    Wear it matte or gloss it up.

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  • model-wearing-salmon-latex-coat-as-raincoat-with-collar-flipped-up


    Yes :)

  • model-putting-arm-into-smooth-latex-coat

    Natural product

    Made from the sap of the caouchouc tree.

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„I've been intrigued by latex as a garment material for clothing for quite some time. It can create a stretched surface but it can also flow warmly. Its deep colors and smooth surface give the designs a unique plasticity and flatter your body.

I have long been tickled by the challenge of making everyday key-pieces out of a material that is more commonly associated with the fetish scene. 

For me, the suspense arises between the natural, biodegradable material in its comic-like presence on the one side and timeless designs on the other side."

Fabian Seibert, Jewelry/Product Designer and Engineer


The TARZA & JANE Style

The blend of latex and classic, rather conservative cuts for everyday life fascinates and inspires us. It puts a completely new spotlight on this material.

We are currently working with designer & model Mona Steinhäußer so we can offer her chic leather harnesses here in the store in the near furture. By the way, Mona recycles leather sofas for her harnesses. Just right!


A fascination for Latex

The latex clothing is designed and manufactured in our small workshop in Aachen. The material is mostly provided by regional suppliers.

Daniel Wergen runs MLF Making Latex Fashion. Fabian and Daniel cooperate in the background on a broad basis and combine their skills. Not stupid, ey :)

Fabian and Daniel Wergen of MLF

(Fabian: bad hair day)